Hello, I've been taking kratom daily for a little over 2 years now, my goal is to treat my joint disease pain. I typically take about 10 grams a day total which is spread out over 2-3 doses and have been at this dosage for about a year. It works very good for my pain.

To clarify it works very good for my pain however I don't notice any psychoactive effects at these low doses. What I mean is I don't feel like I'm on anything, I don't have euphoria or that classic feeling of opoids that some users report, I just feel a relief in pain. I believe the first week or two I used kratom it may have felt similar to a opoid but with daily use any "recreational" potential quickly disappeared.

Now then about 3 weeks ago I had to start new medication for a unrelated issue. These medications have a common side effect of joint and muscle pain and was given a steroid on top of it which just made my pain too severe for my kratom doses to handle and I didn't want to up my kratom dose so I went back to the doctor and was given a prescription for 7.5mg oxycodone / 500mg Tylenol. I never mixed kratom with any of these medications including the prescription pain killer I totally stopped all kratom usage during this period.

I only had to take the medication for a week and after I finished the course I waited 2 additional days then took my normal dose of kratom. When I was taking the prescription pain med I did feel a little funny not but what I would consider "high" but my first kratom dose felt very strong compared to normal and it felt almost exactly like the prescribed pain medication felt like. You know just that warm glow happy feeling etc.

I guess I'm just confused because it seems like taking oxycodone somehow made me more sensitive to kratoms psychoactive effects even they were never combined and I only took the oxycodone for a week. Once about a year ago I had to quit kratom cold turkey for about 2 months and noticed that after that tolerance break it took less kratom to get pain relief but I didn't feel any euphoria or anything like that.

So I guess my question is what happened here? Is there something on the pharmacological level that went on or is it just a placebo effect? I did try and do some research but most everything I found talked about mixing the two and I never did. Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks

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