EDIT: So I decided to bite the bullet and find out for myself so I could share it with people looking in the future. First before I tried this I found 3 other people who had claimed to have taken Subs pretty soon after kratom. The first was freely mixing 2mg of subs and 2-4g of kratom every few hours interchangeably, the 2nd guy took 1mg of sub an hour after taking his last piece of kratom after using daily and the 3rd took 2mg (I think) after only 2.5g of kratom but 3 accounts was enough to convince me to bite the bullet.

My doses before inducing back onto subs. It had been 2 and a half days since I last took .4mg of sub

8 grams at 1pm yesterday

12 grams at 9.30pm yesterday


6.30 am - 5 grams

10.15am 6.3 grams

4.30 pm - 6 grams

And onto the subs. I took .2mg at 8.10pm and waited and then .4 at 8.35pm and each time I felt better than I did before. I am now convinced that you can easily re-induce back onto subs without inducing PWD. I would advice you to take the smallest dose possible and dose every half hour or longer if you can to give the subs time to remove any kratom steadily just in case and I can not guarantee it will be the same for everyone.

My situation is I was was M'done for 1 and a half years, went from 70-0 (did the last bit fast because I was sick of it) was off for 2 weeks of hell and relapsed, went onto subs at 4mg, got down to 2.4 stable doing .4 drops then went for a .6 and dropped to 1.8mg, was too low, took low dose codeine to fill the gaps which raised my tolerance more, ended up snorting subs to make it last til my refil, drs still taking 3 weeks to put it back up so I bought some Kratom (more to get high because of cravings tbh) couldn't get high of 8 grams, 12 grams got me slightly high so right now I am looking to taper with kratom.


I only have enough Kratom for about 7 days though and was wondering how long you have to wait before taking bupe if you have to wait at all as I have been reading kratom is a partial agonist but the 24 hour half life scares me as I am a pussy for wds, pwds more so, so any stories of switching from kratom to bupe?

8 grams held me for about 6 hours, 12 grams for about 8. Current dosing is 6 grams every 6 hours.

Here I read that the guy was freely mixing kratom and bupe during the day. If I do take some bupe and do go into PWD can I take more kratom to get rid of it? Am going to keep reading around. Also side question, can you drink on kratom or is that going to be hard on the liver? Side effects aren't a concern as I drank fairly often on bupe. (I think it's psychological but I have it in my head that my liver has to process all that leaf when in reality it's probably only a tiny bit of active ingredient).


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