I've seen people talk about how bad the taste of Kratom is. Now, I'm not saying it tastes great. It's not something I would drink or ingest just for fun. But it's by no means one of the worst things I've tasted. It tastes like a strong, concentrated tea (and I'm not a tea drinker).
When I had my girlfriend try some, she had a hard time getting it down, which I knew she would, cus she's a wimp when it comes to that stuff. Then, I recently let a girl a work try it, and she literally couldn't finish the small mixture I had made for her. She was gagging with every gulf she tried to force down. I just don't see how it's that bad. Some people are just really picky about tastes I suppose? I've drank old school workout supplements before that tasted like literal poison, and chunky protein shakes I could barely get down without triggering my gag reflex. So kratom in comparison is nothing. I almost find it pleasant in a way.

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