I’ve recently been not sleeping, I have been a little stressed but I say that being quite calm but my mind tends to race at night. This is causing bad sleep patterns, insomnia, the next day I feel like death and want to curl into a ball on my bed. I travel a lot so also jet lag has a lot to do with this quite likely.

But then I was looking for something natural as I don’t like taking prescription drugs. And found Kratom. Know clue, I got some, read instructions on how to take. Started taking the Super Green Malay Kratom half hour before bed. The relief and great sleep I’ve been having is changing my day right now!! I sleep like a baby, but not only that, it’s the way I wake up. It’s like waking up off a cloud ☁️ I can’t tell people how happy I am I found kratom and the fact is natural too, amazing.

Anyone want to share more of its health benefits to me, I like to ask people of experiences rather than just google 😊 Thanks in advance

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