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After giving it some thought, I've decided not to start a kratom farm/retreat center at this time. It's too risky given the eternally looming ban.

What I have decided to do instead is write a book about the opioid epidemic. This book will, of course, talk about kratom in a very positive light. I need funding to do this. Below is a draft of a GoFundMe proposal. I welcome any and all suggestions from this community about the proposal. I know this is not directly related to kratom, but the book will help our cause, so I thought I might be forgiven for posting this here. Thanks all!


We lost the war on drugs a long time ago, and we lost miserably. The opioid epidemic continues to rage, exacting a horrible toll on individual addicts, their families, and communities across the country. It will slow only when the causes of addiction are widely understood and fundamental changes are made to the medical and judicial systems and in the hearts and minds of the average American. Such changes require an in-depth understanding of the neurological and societal bases of the disease of addiction, an examination of effective policy measures, and a confrontation with the shortcomings of a culture in which so many turn to drugs to quench their gnawing loneliness and despair.

I am a neuroscientist, writer, and recovering alcoholic. My own struggles with addiction and my previous work and studies leave me uniquely situated to examine the ongoing addiction crisis. I have known alcoholics and addicts in all stages of sickness and recovery. I have seen how the rehab industry takes advantage of hopeless families, how even well-meaning doctors are limited in their ability to help, how recovery programs like Narcotics Anonymous help many but leave others behind, and how addicts live every day shackled to their drug of choice, desperate for help but not knowing where to turn.

I am writing a book that explores the neurological and social factors that contribute to addiction. It will propose policy changes that would allow us to move forward as a country. These scientifically-rooted discussions, based on the latest findings in a variety of disciplines, will be intertwined with stories from my time in active addiction and stories from interviews with other addicts.

Your contribution will allow me to devote myself full-time to this project. It will finance further research and analysis of policy changes as well as travel for interviews with addicts, their families, and experts in medicine and public policy. Any money raised will also go towards marketing costs once the book is complete. I aim to publish within one year. Importantly, crowdsourcing allows me to work without receiving financial support from any kind of governmental or medical institution, thus avoiding conflicts of interest.

There is an urgency to this cause. Thousands of people are dying of overdoses each week and tens of thousands more are suffering. Books like this one have a vital role in educating the public about a terrible disease and combating the social stigma that surrounds addiction. Your donations will allow me to work quickly and ensure that the book reaches as many readers as possible once it is finished.

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