So I’ve been using kratom for about four years now. I currently take about 25 grams per day, though for a while I was up near 40. I have not taken a break in almost two years, and at the time I didn’t have a choice (was also tapering off my decade+ benzo habit). So this will be my first real break.

I took off next Monday and Tuesday, and plan to take my last dose Friday morning. I do not have the patience or discipline to taper, so I’m just gonna white-knuckle it. I have pretty serious withdrawal every morning, so this is not going to be fun, to say the least.

I did heroin withdrawal about 13 years ago, so it’s been a long time. Looking for any input/feedback on ways to mitigate the discomfort. I have plenty of gabapentin and clonidine. More than enough to last throughout this process. I also plan on taking magnesium and perhaps some other vitamins, and obviously lots of water.

I was thinking about doing the loperamide thing, too. Anyone have any experience with this for kratom specifically?

Again, any input welcome!

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