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Hi everyone,

I read about kratom a few weeks ago when I was researching ways to deal soreness and social anxiety.

I picked up a few different batches from different vendors as a starting point. I figured I'd try different strains to see what works best.

But I'm a little discouraged as I've had maybe 1 success and even then it wasn't anything spectacular. I've tracked my dosages accurately with a scale and so far greens have been the only color to give me any kind of mood lift. Nothing euphoric though. I don't have any prior history with anything like this. Ate it on empty stomach. I guess it could be having too high of expectations, but so many people here talk about the impact kratom has made for their happiness and well-being. Really makes me wonder.

I have not tried a dose exceeding 2g and so far have not felt sick at any dosage under 2g. I have vein and leaf powder. I read in other posts some people have been fine going up to 4g in a single dose, but I was hoping to maybe get an average or something. But I also understand YMMV..


TLDR: Those of you who started without prior tolerance, what dosage turned out to be the sweet spot? Did you run into "no effect" starting out? What did you do to solve this?

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