Yeah so title kinda sums it up. recently made an order with a reputable vendor for 2 small samples and ended up with 3 additional ones for free included. In total, I got to try strains labeled Premium Red, Premium White, Super Red Kali, Bali 25, and PMD 14. Though I often find difficulty in picking up on truly distinguishing traits/effects between strains, I definitely felt a great boost in energy with the Premium White. with the small amount I had, though, I only got to use it like 3 times with varying doses and didn't really get enough experience to know how consistent it would be. Also felt like I had a bit of a "comedown" after only like 3 hours each time where I suddenly became really sleepy.

Just curious if anyone's had experience with some other whites and what you've found to be the best for energy and focus kinda like in a stimulant way. Starting a really strenuous online course next week and wanted to pick up a bigger quantity of some kratom that'll help keep me up and going. wouldnt mind recommendations on dosages too because I'm kinda new to this and often confused with how it works. like I've heard less can be more when it comes for stimulanting effects, but then I've seen some people taking rather high doses of white strains and still getting a kick from it.

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