(I'll leave this open for editing if I see y'all are interested)

I've been researching this idea for quite some time, especially when I had super inflamed carpal tunnel

(working 10-14 hours a day at a labor intensive job couldn't play my guitar for more than 10mins without my figures throbbing numb couldn't feel the strings)

Ended up pouring a ungodly amount of money into trying all and everything. $100-300 a week...

So I'll start off with just a few ingredients that are simple in effects natural and make Keatom either taste better or doesn't make it worse

Or makes a certain negative effects less severe and eventuates certain specific positive qualities.

For now do too me mixing a plethora of ingredients I'll stay away from any effects to tolerance ( magnesium, agmatine , mematine)

  1. Ginger root - this makes it taste way better and esses stomach pains/nausea .

2#) valerian root - despite the horrible body juice smell it mixes well with Keatom and definitely accentuates the sedition effects.

3#) turmeric extract liquid - inflammation and duration.

  • Let me know if y'all want me to keep going or feel free to drop some knowledge on my infant brained ass *

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