After a month of recreational methadone abuse (10mg a day) i figured it’s time to stop, and i turned to kratom after reading it can help, i used it when i refused a pain script from doctors and it worked great that was a few months back.

I took 6-7 grams of Kratom in capsules and had great effects, reduced pain, mild euphoria over all sense of well being.

So this past Sunday i took my 5mg of methadone in the morning (10am), and at night decided to take 7 grams of kratom to get me through the night.

Monday i just chilled until 1pm and took 7 grams again, didn’t “feel” anything so that night around 10pm i took another 7, it helped me sleep.

Yesterday (Tuesday) i took 7 grams and FELT ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. Was sick to my stomach, felt like i was gonna collapse at work, finally when i made it home i get decent but i felt WDs about to come on so i took 4grams of kratom and took a nap, woke up with my heart racing and sweaty (assuming the methadone is sweating out and my body is being weird) before bed i took 3 grams and slept great.

This morning (11am) i took 7 grams and have felt fine, what bothered me was how awful i felt yesterday and why it happened.

I always drink plenty of water, eat a light meal about an hour after taking the dose and continue to drink water all day, could it have been a weird batch?

Weird dose? Not sure. Gonna go pick up powder today and start cutting my GPD back.

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