Hello there, So I am in chronic pain and suffering from depression and overall everything under the sun so I have tried to use kratom to help me out and I have tried the powder and capsules.. So basically I have not experienced the wonderful comments and reviews of this beautiful plant alternative.. Am I doing wrong? I bought the powder form that's a ounce and yes it tastes like ass so I was wrapping it in a piece of toilet paper and downing it with orange juice.. Did the capsules as well. So I did one tablespoon then two.. Didn't feel anything.. Did 4 and puked my guys out and overall get a huge headache from taking kratom so I have tried time and time again yet haven't experienced any great times and overall don't want to give up but I don't know whether it is me or my dosage and I read not to do on a full tummy but empty stomache. Anyone have any advice?Thank you for your time and consideration.

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