Well, I think I have a natural tolerance to all substances. The first time I tried benzos, in this case Xanax, when I was prescribed it for social anxiety, I took 0.5mg and barely felt anything. I ended up using 1.5mg to feel something effective while other users would pass out in that dose.

The same goes for Kratom. The very first time I tried Kratom it was a Red Borneo strain. 5g and didn't feel anything. One week later I tried 7g and started to feel something. I waited one more week and I found the sweet spot between 9-11g.

I have tried various strains and only red borneo seems to be working on me in that high dose :

- White Sumatra. 10g and 5g more 1 hour later = didn't feel anything

- Green Malay = 10g. Felt something until I started walking to do the grocery and all the effects vanished. I was anxious around people.

- Red Riau/Red Sumatra = Same as red borneo but weaker. Needed to combine it with a green strain to feel something. Usually 10g + 2/3g of a green strain.

I need to mention that I take 25mg of hydroxizine one hour before burning otherwise I get nauseous.

My stomach has to bee 100% empty to feel any kratom effects. That means at least 6-7 hours from the last meal. Otherwise it's a waste of kratom.

What's wrong with me ? Having GAD and social anxiety I ended up drinking a lot of alcohol (wine or strong beers) and I hoped Kratom would help me stop using alcohol and find the courage talking to people with no anxiety. It works, however I need massive doses while I leave at least 4-5 days between every burn. I don't believe I have built tolerance that quickly.

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