First of all I am in no way saying it should be legal or not. I am just telling my story. I have a 15 year addiction to opiates/kratom. The last 2 years just kratom at 60-80g a day. I was horribly addicted and dosing every 2 hours. I tried many times to get off but the withdrawals were so severe I never made it past 24 hours. I would say the withdrawal intensity in on par with an oxycodone habit. I had to go to inpatient rehab where they gave me a low dose suboxone taper to make withdrawals manageable. I'm on day 11 and feel pretty good just some fatigue and insomnia. Now i have a terribly addictive personality and that's why my use got out of hand. I've also been on some type of opiate for 15 years straight. Please use caution with kratom. U can get withdrawals even doing low doses every day. I will say that using kratom helped me get off harder drugs. I can see this being a wonderful plant if used responsibly. If u have an addictive personality like me u should just stay away. And for all who say kratom is as easy to quit as coffee or nicotine uve got to be a vendor promoting kratom. I've quit both several times with very little symptoms. It took me rehab to get off kratom. Good luck to all. I just wanted my unbiased story out there for people to see

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