Hey everyone! I have a bit of a complicated situation here and I’m praying someone has an idea on how to help. I have chronic pain that is becoming debilitating and opiates aren’t an option anymore. Last year I had gastric bypass surgery for a stomach disease, they removed most of my stomach (about 2 inches left of it), and they placed a J tube (feeding tube into my intestine). Prior to this I had used kratom with good results, I was taking it the capsule route. After my surgery I cannot keep down capsules at all, of any kind. I have tried toss and wash, tea, and also mixing it into a drink. All result in me puking which is so painful. I’m at a loss on how I can take this plant without getting miserably sick, does anyone here have any ideas? I’ve heard to stay away from extracts, but that is the only other idea I have, though they are extremely pricey near me. I just really need a way to get relief from kratom, thank you so much for any comments or help!

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