I’ve only started using kratom since around The end of March and I remember white maeng da at 2g was extremely euphoric and uplifting. I actually had planned my suicide a few times over the last couple months before using kratom. I’ve always been into self development etc but depression fog would completely kill my motivation to do anything. After using kratom I’ve began to feel like myself and had passion once again and drive like I did years ago. I’ve experimented with many strains (Bali gold, white maeng da, white Thai, green kapsus Hulu, green Bormeo) however they don’t seem to work like they used to. Even after taking a little over a week off of it last week unintentionally. I still feel the effects but they aren’t as pronounced as they first were. Took 4g of white dragon this morning and a gram of Bali and hour later and they seem to be have wore off.

TL;DR: kratom was insanely effective first few weeks or so of use. Effects not as potent anymore even after a washout period.

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