Thank you to the American Kratom Association (AKA) and everyone involved for making this past 2 weeks possible. 2 States in 2 weeks is great, but we still have a long road to travel!

States signed:

- Arizona

- Georgia

Check out AKA Twitter Posts for more info: (Georgia) (Arizona)

The search term "Kratom" is breaking out this year (2019) on Google searches, in large part due to the community of Kratom users that is constantly talking about Kratom and sharing testimonials on Reddit, Quora, and Twitter. As a fellow marketer, I know that the FDA, DEA and other agencies are looking at these online trends to decide which business to get into. Because when it comes to legalization of anything, they care about money first before lives.

Let's keep pushing and supporting AKA the best we can by speaking up online.

- Share your testimonials on Reddit and Quora

- Answer questions by new and experienced kratom users online

- Like AKA's material and share it wherever possible

- And DON'T STOP sharing a supplement that has helped so many thousands of people

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