Sup y’all.

I made a post like 2 weeks ago in regards to using kratom to kick alcohol.

Long story short, I am a complete kratom noob and never used opiates besides for my wisdom tooth surgery years ago. I liked the idea of using kratom to kick alcohol because my friends have used it to kick other substances. I am 1 week with no drinking. I feel great!

I do however wonder if my expectations are too high for this plant. Perhaps I need to explore more strains / vendors / dosages. Here is my current intake schedule:

4g before breakfast

4-5g at night time when I finish work

A few times I have tried to redose after 45 min of my initial dose with 1g

I feel slight euphoria, energy boost, productivity boost... but this may be placebo. Nothing is too noticeable in terms of effects. BUT**i haven’t had a single drink in a week , and I don’t think that would’ve been possible without kratom.

Am I taking too little? Do I need to try more strains? I’ve been using white MD in morning and Bali / green md at night. Any insight is appreciated as I’d like to get the most benefits possible from kratom.

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