Preface: 35(M) great career, wife, 3kids, nice big house in the suburbs etc...Essentially I did everything I was told to do to be happy. Yeaaaahhh..., not complaining by any stretch but I fucked up and got addicted to opiates. Started with a lot of dental work and spiraled out of control from there. I’m “highly” functioning and no one knows except my source. I started getting subs about about a year and a half ago. Not from a doctor. I’ve made the decision that this is so stupid. Why do I risk everything I’ve worked my ass off for, my health, and happiness because I’m addicted to an orange piece of paper. I’m done with it.

I went off of them a year ago and it was absolute hell. So, I’m trying Kratom.

I’m looking for advise on dosage, types (red for bed) (white for flight) on getting through this using kratom. I’ve detoxed many times before. Always by myself. It’s become harder and harder the older I’ve gotten and I’m scared now. This is my last chance and I really hope kratom can ease the withdrawal.

The worst part for me is at night. The muscle twitches. Cramping and horribly aching legs and so on. God help me I hope kratom will ease some of this.

This post is the first time I’ve spoken to anyone about this so I really appreciate any feedback.

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