I've posted before about how I'm on a (street) regiment of methadone. In the beginning of the month I have access to 30-50mg and also about 10-20 blues which I buy even though were broke. But worse still is in the second half of the month theres no blues and about 15-30mg of methadone. I've done things like tried to cop online, taking loperamide. Stupid shit.

I tried kratom and had mixed results. I'll admit after a long hard life I really shy away from feeling shitty at all. I want to feel ok all day if possible. I understand in order to eventually quit it will be hard.

Ok so my favor. I lean heavily on other peoples accounts and experiences. I'd love if people that have gone from an opiate addiction to kratom can tell me their story. What did you do and how much? Did you go cold Turkey or ween using kratom. How much and what kind of kratom did you use? Most importantly HOW DID YOU FEEL? Anything you think might be helpful.

This month started and even though I have kratom, and had some success using it I'm back into my same habit and haven't touched kratom in 3 days, because I have blues. But soon they will be gone and I'll be fucked again.

I need... not so much support, but experiences that I can look to and lean on to try and find a regiment that works for me.

Forgive if I dont respond to everyone but believe me I WILL BE READING EVERY REPLY.

Thanks in advance.

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