I have always been hesitant to tell others I am taking Kratom for fear it will be perceived that I am taking a recreational drug or some designer drug to get high.

I am making an effort now to speak and educate

I was on business in Phoenix and speaking to a hospital administrator at the bar. We got in to talking about sports then sports injuries and surgeries which led to me telling my Kratom story.

The funny thing was I was overheard by a Pharmacist that said more and more addicts are taking Kratom to get off Subs, but I was the first non-addict he heard taking it for medicinal purposes.

I talked for about the misperceptions surrounding kratom and the push by the FDA to ban without introducing all the facts. I always make it a point to tell people to look at all the evidence / both sides before drawing conclusions (of course I heavily promote the Pro-Kratom evidence)

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