Anyone here ever had an ostomy operation, and continued to take Kratom?

I'm wondering if that's something I could even continue to take. On one hand, I have to have a certain amount of fiber every day, and I have to drink an absurd amount of water per day, so it seems like it could be okay.

On the other, this was an entirely life changing experience that I had zero warning or control over. So I've completely held off on taking any whatsoever. I have quite a bit of powder left.

I could see extracts being fine, but I'm more wondering wtf to do with all the powder at that point. Is it difficult or inefficient to make tea with the powder? Anyone have a quick and easy method?
I was told to just add your dose to a cup or two of hot water, not specifically boiling, stir, steep for 15, then either strain the powder or let it settle and poor the liquid from the top.

Any advice would be highly appreciated, thank you very much!

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