So, I've been taking Kratom every now and then for a while now and always had similar effects that mostly started half an hour after taking and stayed for an hour or two.

But for the last five doses it's been weird. Half an hour after taking, I get serious stomachache. Like, so bad I feel like dying.Some time later I start feeling really sick, one time I even puked. Then, about 1-2 hours after taking the effects kick in, mostly sedating and not even nearly as euphoric as in the past, and stay for about 2-3 hours.

I didn't change the dose, I didn't change the strains. I always take under 4g, mostly between 2g and 3g. Today I only took 1,8g, still the same only the stomachache wasn't as bad. What's happening here? Why am I suddenly so sensitive? In the

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