So I have purposely have used kratom every single day for exactly a year just for the purpose of research to see exactly how "dangerous" this plant is to my body. I have used red maeng da roughly 3 or 4 times a day under a 20g dosage. I have used the same brand, and bought from the same store. What I have seen personally that putting it in orange juice is more efficient, then any other method and does not taste as bad. Kratom for me personally is amazing after a 300mg energy drink right after drinking 5-8g in orange juice on a some what empty stomach. I have not seen any issues with my body after such long usage, I am not any more depressed or anxious as I was before I started using. Kratom has helped me with so many issues, it has kept me off of drugs since I like to party a lot I would rather use a little bit of kratom then smoke or pop something, it has also made me more sociable wither I am on kratom or not, I feel like it has changed me permanently mentally... As I have a tendancy to be more emotional about things, be more open with others, and I am extremely sociable but I was not before I started using kratom. I weigh generally the same, my eating habits are not any different and I cannot think of a single negative other then the money spent on kratom and orange juice. No heart problems, no stomach problems, etc. What happens if I do not take kratom? A small headache, my neck hurts, and a little on the edge but I am on the edge regardless.

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