Dear Reddit community,

My colleague and I are the founders of The Borneo Kratom Project.

We will be going to Borneo for six months to research the behind-the-scenes of the Kratom industry and write a book.

We just launched our Kickstarter campaign, check it out for a complete outline of the book and more information!

A couple of weeks ago, we posted asking what kind of information you wanted on the Kratom industry. You provided us with some great suggestions that helped guide our areas of investigation. As you pointed out, information about Kratom is highly dispersed, anecdotal, and often based on hearsay. There are a lot of gaps in knowledge about Kratom that need to be filled in. Our aim is to fill these knowledge gaps by providing unbiased, well-documented information about Kratom production in Borneo.

The aim of our book is to empower consumers and vendors by expanding knowledge of the history, the production and the local environmental/economic impacts of Kratom. My colleague and I are trained historians and already live in Indonesia. On our team are a local Bornean translator and a digital media creator. We already have lots of invitations to visit Kratom farms and so long as we secure enough funding we will embark on our journey on July 1st. We have 34 days to raise the funds, we need everybody's help to reach our goal and make this project reality.

Here is how you can contribute:

  1. Get in touch and give us any suggestions for the project
  2. Help us with our crowdfunding campaign by giving us your suggestions, sharing or financial support
  3. Get in touch to collaborate with us and help with design/marketing/publishing

Thanks for your time and support,

The Borneo Kratom Project

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