I'm currently tapering Buprenorphie, which I've been using for the past 4 months and I'm also taking a break from Phenibut, which I've been using for 6 months with my doctor's advice (for my anxiety and neuropathic pain). I'm tapering Bupes right now using Codeine while for Phenibut sometimes I use Gabapentin (during the day) and Diazepam (for insomnia). After I finish with tapering and all that, I will take a decent break from all drugs and medications, probably stop smoking too but after that I will still re-experience the usual anxiety and probably the neuropathic pain too which is in fact one of the physical symptoms of my mental issues. I will also experience Post Acute Withdrawal Symptom and that might make me relapse on heroin or other opioids I used to abuse, so I have a plan to make my issues a little bit more manageable without needing to use hard drugs/medications.I tried Kratom for my Methadone withdrawals about a year ago and it worked wonders so I know that it'll work even better after I sober up and use it only when I need it.I'm willing to purchase some Kratom and some more Phenibut, but this time I'm limiting their use to 2 times per week max, so this time I hopefully won't become dependent on any of them. Maybe in the days where I feel like I'm about to experience PAWS symptoms I'll take some Kratom and in the days where I know I have a ton of work that require creativity I'll stack Phenibut with some coffee and Piracetam. Spare use, I mean. You get the idea.

I gave this long intro so the readers can help me with the following question I have. I'm about to purchase Kratom from a site that has a good reputation and I'm satisfied with. They have good prices if you buy individual bags of the herb but the most convenient way for me is to buy a sample pack of 5 bags x 25g each and I can make the choice of the strains they have available. My problem is that there are so many of the and I don't know which ones would suit me best. Some people say that the whole strain thing is not that important and that what matters the most is the country where the plant came from. Anyway, I know the basics: Whites are more stimulant-ish, Greens are more chilling and Reds are kind of a mix of Green+Whites.But I'd appreciate some details into each strain since the site doesn't really offer that much information about the effects, the potency and whatnot.Since I already have abused many types of drugs in my life and I have a higher than average tolerance for opioid-like substances, I'm looking for very potent strains. In terms of effects I'm looking for something that lasts long, that is very opioid-like, that can make me stimulated and motivated while also keeping me relaxed and decrease my anxiety.So far I've thought about taking:

25g Pontianak Maeng Da,25g Pontianak White Horn,25g Pontianak Red Horn,25g Borneo Red Vein25g Kratom Bali

But they have a huge variety so I might also switch some of my choices for the following strains:

Malaysian GreenBorneo WhiteWhite SumatraRed SumatraPontianak Green Horn.

If someone was patient enough to read the post till here, I thank them for that. Which strains do you think I should go for?

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