Heroin and opiates are a luxury cruise liner separating you from a cold and murky Ocean . When you jump ship - it’s fucking cold and wet and dark and scary and the first few hours are the worst and there’s nothing you can do but wonder why the fuck you jumped ship in the first place . Then out of the murk and the cold you see a small Light coming towards you and you become fixated on this light hoping that it is a boat coming to rescue you . It gets closer and closer and you’re still fucking freezing and wet but that doesn’t matter because the light is getting closer and you can now see a small man on a shitty rif raf water craft and he’s fucking beautiful to you . He pulls you out of the water and gives you a warm , dry set of clothes and a blanket . Shortly thereafter he gives you a hot cup of tea and a warm bowl of rice 👍. You’re not anywhere near where you were in the way of luxury or comfort yet you are worlds better off than you were in the water and now , you’re headed home . :)

Safe journeys Bon voyage - the Kratom dingy is reliable - you’ll get to shore .

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