total kratom noob here. Ive been reading the FAQs and sidebar info.

I currently take oxycodone for chronic pain(arthritis), 10-25mg per day depending on my pain. The pain is chronic, it is NOT going to go away.

I've grown tired of being dependent on these drugs. I would like to be able to just not take them at all on days when my arthritis pain isn't so bad, but then there's nasty withdrawal symptoms. Yawning, runny nose, agitation, anxiety, and RLS at night screwing up my sleep. I work everyday so I can't be high functioning AND be dealing with that shit.

I know that may not sound like a lot of opiates to some of you but its enough for me, it causes WD when i stop, and I refuse to go on sustained release versions b/c it causes worse WD in my experience.

So I got some capsules of red vein, about .75g per cap.


  • Is mixing kratom and oxycodone unsafe? What would happen, could I die or get sick? I would like to not die, or get sick.
  • Is mixing kratom and alcohol or coffee unsafe?
  • Should I come completely off the oxycodone before taking kratom?
  • If i go CT, how much kratom would be needed to handle the withdrawal from about 20mg oxycodone per day? Is there a recommended taper step off point, like taper down to 5mg oxy per day then stepping off onto kratom will be fine?
  • Can I alternate days of kratom and oxycodone depending on how much pain I'm in? This seems not likely as it takes several days for the kratom to clear the system and until then it blocks/dulls the opiates.
  • Will kratom show up on piss tests and piss off my Dr?

So many questions and concerns.

Thanks everyone

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