What a joke! I knew this crap was going to happen. Kratom saved my life. Addicted to opiates and heroin for over a decade. I completed 14 drug rehabs to the total of 1/2 million dollars and they didn't work! I lost everything multiple times and spend over a million dollars to big pharma for medications to help with everything from depression to anxiety to the great full proof big pharma plan of Suboxone and methadone. Guess what none of it worked! I found Kratom on Facebook 10 months ago and I've been opiate and heroin free for 9 months! Longest I've ever been clean. I take a small dose twice a day and I'm off all big pharma miracle pills. I'm so pissed at this article because none of this is true! Definitely gonna start writing letters and getting my testimony out for all to hear. God bless 🙏

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