Without getting into specifics, I work in the medical field. I know lots of EMS, police, nurses, doctors, PA's/NP's and everything in between. I am good friends with a nurse whos husband is a firefighter.

I ran into them at the store yesterday. We began talking and somehow started talking about pain/being sore, working out, and kratom. He was telling me that a couple of his guys use kratom to help relax when they get home after their long shifts and what not. I told him that I used kratom too.

It was cool.

We talked about a lot of the misinformation surrounding kratom and we both agreed that the best way is to continue to educate.

Please continue to educate your friends, family and acquaintances.

Please be kind and use FACTS and SCIENCE.

Please mention A Leaf of Faith on Netflix.

And please mention the American Kratom Association.

A lot of people have no idea that these things exist. Let them know!

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