I heard about, researched and started using kratom just a couple months ago. I use it for hormonal balancing, mental support & relief, focus and energy. I have never and do not use pharmaceuticals.

Before kratom I had picked up marijuana recreationally but wanted to find something more beneficial for my needs/undo the harm that marijuana had done. Now on to how I use kratom. :)

This formula:

Red and white Maeng Da (2:3, 1-2 grams) Fenugreek (2 tb - female hormonal balancing) Ashwagandha (2 caplets; root & superceitical extract; adrenal function adaptogen) Fennel (1 tb - female hormonal balancing)

Fenugreek, fennel and ashwagandha work wonders but kratom took it to a whole other level. I prefer the effect of takimg them all together best.

The above formula I mix in my morning shake:

Protein Mix Collagen Mix

Supplements I take with the shake:

Raw Calcium (from Algae) Women's multivitamin

The effects last throughout the whole day for me. But on occassion late afternoon at work/bedtime on an above average emotional or stressful day I make a treat:

Pomegranate Goji Berry Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Red & White Maeng Da (1:1/2)

The kratom dissolves completely in a few shakes and the effects are quick.

I take the shake after rising, typically very early morning. I have had days where I took it later because I forgot. After waking up and onwards I always feel incredibly supported, balanced and restored. At some point I will experiment with bi-daily dosing.

I have experienced no negative side effects. I also love that it helps curve my appetite. After a particularly traumatizing experience it gave me the peace, strength and hope I had been trying desperately to cultivate within myself. For the first time in my life I felt normal.

Kratom was a catalyst in my quest for happiness and wholesom living.

Happy dosing everyone!

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