Hi fellow Kratom users or just fellow Kratom enthusiasts,

I have been using this leaf since my brother and I first discovered it three years ago. It has helped tremendously as an anxiolytic, helped mitigate unpleasant sides from antidepressants (completely took away the dreadful Effexor yawns) and ADHD stimulants, has helped me at work, and has also aided in the chronic pain I've been dealing with for my right knee for nearly 2.5 years. I even stopped stimulants because I was worried the chronic inflammation I had was from adderall and other similar medications from over the years, & because I noticed addictive tendencies creeping up.

I had developed Tendonitis through overuse - ended up helping me fix up my diet and remove all sugars which has helped a myriad of other ways, had gone to a podiatrist, PT, and even ended up going to an orthopedic surgeon for debridement of plica.

The tendonitis came from activity but it was essentially genetic in nature (tissue lining the knee joint which pops and snaps with every motion --> increase inflammation), which had not resolved on its own or even through treatment. Basically, I've gone the whole nine yards with treatment and even opted for surgery. I'm still going to PT but the inflammation is still severe and when its NOT flaring up, it's noticeable 100% of the time. My right knee is always inflamed, generally on the patellar tendon side under the kneecap, and pops all the time. I notice the more I pop it, but more inflamed it gets, which is not the case for any other body part. Sometimes, my right ankle even flares up on days my right knee is at its worst.

It has taken me out of MANY activities that I love and I've had to completely switch up my weight training from loving all aspects of powerlifting & bodybuilding to only doing movements that don't bother my knee. I haven't skiied seriously in 2 years and haven't gotten on a bike either. Yoga is the only activity that I have taken up that doesn't seem to bother it; however, even yoga hasn't helped decrease the inflammation, even though it's helped my flexibility tremendously.

I hate to sound prudeish, but my quality of life is significantly decreased and has been steadily decreasing over the past 2 years. I'm only 23 and I've struggled with depression for the better part of 7 years. I'm not saying that to complain, but I do want to clarify that fitness, sports, and recreational activities are my form of therapy.

Kratom has helped A LOT in easing the pain - mentally, and physically, and has helped me return to activity, but I'm starting to wonder if Kratom has an effect on inflammatory biomarkers & increases inflammation in some people? Are there any anecdotal reports of kratom use actually having the opposite effect on joint pain and inflammation over prolonged use, or are there any relevant studies I can look into?

I have been taking Kratom for roughly 3 years, and it started shortly after. I haven't take it consistently for 3 years, and have taken multiple consecutive weeks off throughout this time; however, in all honesty, for the past year I have been averaging around 10-20g a day.


  • Issues with inflammation and knee pain over 2 years, have tried everything except for cutting out kratom completely
  • Does anyone else have issues with kratom and inflammation?
  • Any studies I can look into?

Thanks, guys! Sorry for the long write-up. It's something I've spent a long time thinking about and digging around but haven't found any evidence pointing towards this. I understand most of you will say, "go to a doctor," and to that I will say, "i'm in the process of trying everything I can."

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