stop kratom and do alcohol for 4 days. hellish nightmare of hallucinations and puking. very bad, period

then stop alcohol but do kratom for 2 days, very bad dt's puking cold chills and generally feeling not good but not as bad as previous 4 days.

then stop kratom. a little withdrawl and lotsa puking for a day so I drank some again but I had already broke the physical addiction to alcohol as it only take about 48 hours.

so drinking again for 4 days with no kratom and back to puking and feeling deathly

then final straw is I thought I had a heart attack but I said fuck it I think I just hurt my chest from so much puking I took a final dose of kratom, drank 2 gulps of beer and puke my guts out and sat in bed for 36 hours worrying I was going to die of a heart attack.

this was like the worse week of my life ever in terms of my physical comfort, in all it took 9 days and I feel really great today and I can honestly say I will never do either again. well maybe the kratom but not continually, as needed for pain like if I had a tooth ache i'd take it

so in short I used a method of going back and forth. just stopping both proved way to difficult

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