I've got abscessed tooth and it is the most painful thing I've ever been in. Last year I shattered my orbital snowboarding and had to have reconstructive surgery to have a titanium plate put in to rebuild my eye socket.

The pain this tooth ratcheted up to last night puts that to shame. At no point through that ordeal was never in as much pain as this tooth.

I was in so much agony, I was not able to get the first minute of sleep last night. Went to the emergency room last night hoping that they would give me a days worth of Narcotic painkillers as a stopgap until I can get into my dentist tomorrow morning.

Despite honestly describing my pain as a 10, on a scale where 10 is the most pain I've ever experienced, the doctor, wouldnt prescribe me anything other than ibuprofen.

Despite my agony, I really don't blame the doctor. The hospital I went it was in downtown New Orleans, and I am sure they deal with drug seekers on am hourly basis. I don't blame a doctor for deciding that and under prescribing opiates, with the thought that it is better for people to be in short term agony, than to expose more people to the risk of developing an addiction.

Anyway, the pain I was in was so much that it has tears in my eyes. I stopped by the headshop on the way home and got some Kratom and am not exaggerating that it has reduced my pain by at least 50%. I am so grateful I was able to find relief.

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