Ok let's get some more info out there if it hasn't been covered enough. So most people taking drug tests are subjected to a urine dipstick stlye of test. As of right now Kratom will NOT show up on those style tests as anything unless you have kratom that is adulterated with a substance that is on the panels tests. If you know you have not taken any substance that is on your standard panel tests and you pop positive then you need to demand that you want your test to be sent away for the testing methods mentioned below and that will proove your innocence. Those dipstick style tests have a tolerance/forgiveness of anywhere from 50ng/dl to 300ng/dl which may eventually be an issue as I have read that atleast one manufacturer of those tests is planning to add kratom to thier standard 12 panel test. The type of tests that I'm subjected to are way more sensitive and specific and they sure DO show Mitragyna. My sample is collected and sent to a lab for HPLC(High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) or LC/MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) style tests. The tolerance/forgiveness on my tests are 0.1- 0.6ng/dl and each compound is completely separated. My first test came back positive for Mitragyna at 189.8ng/dl. That was from a 4gr dose taken about 4-5hrs before my test. It did not count against me as kratom is still currently legal. Just wanted to share and hopefully clear up questions I frequently see about drug tests for kratom. People should feel safe and confident that kratom will not pop positive on the dipsticks style tests but it WILL show up on more sensitive testing like mentioned above. Also as disturbing as it was to read on the test results, it listed kratom under the category of "Emerging Drugs". If these manufacturers of dipstick style tests do add kratom to thier panels then take the info I gave above and figure out what I'm trying to say here. Hope this helps anyone who was unsure about testing for kratom. ✌

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