Hi there everyone, i wanted to compile some information about how Cimetidine (brand Tagamet) and Kava Extract interact with Kratom, in terms of using them for potentiation.

I can go first, i will offer my experiences, I will start with Kava interactions. When i combine kava extract with kratom, makes the dose feel stronger than what you took, it makes the peak more intense and sedating, but while not peaking, it increases motivation/energy kratom already provides. I would say when using 4-8 doses of kava before taking kratom, it seems to increase how fast you come up from kratom.

Next would be my experience with Cimetidine (Tagamet) as a potentiator. I do not use this method often do to side effects of long term use (Like Gynecomastia). However; when i do, i usually take 200-300mg of Tagamet about 30 minutes before taking lower dose than usual of my Kratom. It is quite interesting how it interacts, and makes you feel! It makes the come-up and onset of action slower and smoother, but it actually seems to decrease the intensity of the Peak effect; HOWEVER, it greatly increases the duration of Peak effects. As kratom only lasts 3-4 hours for most, having an extended peak effect duration is fantastic, and is worth the small decrease in intensity. In my case, the peak effects themselves lasts 3-4 hours, let alone come-up and come-down time. In overall effect, it’s interaction is as if it was some sort of Extended-Release Kratom (great for work, not needing to redose as often)

Finally, after trying BOTH Kava and Cimetidine before the kratom; (I due not recommend due to slight possibility of Liver damage); I have gotten a surprising synergistic combination of increased intensity, extended duration of action, and only requiring a smaller dosage to get to the same level.

Anybody else have any stories or personal experiences/anecdotes about using these with their kratom? Was it similar to others? I know a lot of people say it actually decreases their effects. Thanks everyone, please let me know!

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