Hey, so I've been drinking kratom daily for about 2 years now. I prefer white maeng da but occasionally will have white Bali or green maeng da, really I'll try most Bali and Maeng Da but mainly drink white daily.

So recently I had to get some dental work done. I got localized anesthesia and when the dentist went to drill I felt it. She tried a second shot. Still felt it.

In the end I had to get 5 shots of anesthesia and halfway through the procedure I needed 1 more, and once everything was done it wore off entirely in less than an hour after leaving, whereas most of my life it's always taken almost the rest of the whole day to wear off.

I thought maybe my opiate and opioid addiction and thus tolerance was the problem, but I've been off opiates for almost 4 years now so that couldn't be it. What we realized was that most likely Kratom was causing an interaction and making me have a higher tolerance to the anesthetic.

If you are going to get surgery or dental work that requires any form of local anesthesia (and maybe even general, that's a scary thought) LET THEM KNOW YOU TAKE KRATOM as you will most likely need a higher dose of anesthetic.

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