I’m finding myself falling into an addiction. My dentist gives a few norco to me every few weeks for some major dental surgery I’ve had to do lately. It was hard to really accept the direction it’s going because I don’t take them for fun, only to clean... except I’m realizing it makes cleaning really fun. They give me so much energy and I can’t usually handle any stimulants like coffee so it was refreshing to take a Vicodin and my house would be flawless after a 10 hour work day and 2 hours of working.

My friend told me about kratom and I was really excited. Sometimes it does give me a slight coffee feeling if I take 4-7 caps but it doesn’t help motivate me the same way. Is there a particular type or brand that feels similar to 10-15 mg of Norco? I’m also going hard with yoga and getting sleep to try to balance but I keep wanting norco to power through all the demands of life :(

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