Kratom and ADHD?

So, I have a mild-to-severe ADHD diagonisis. Lately, I've been having trouble getting refills on time due to several factors, and meds can only be prescribed in one-month periods [to prevent selling, overdosing, etc, many adhd pills are illegally taken as recreational, etc etc] and I was wondering if anyone has ADHD and Kratom has helped or made it worse?

Additionally, I've been working a very stressful job in management. We had a upper-level management shift, with three levels of lower management (one was me, one sucked, and one girl I loved who also quit due to stress). There were times when I pulled last minute shifts, and was routinely working overtime while trying to really impress my boss because I knew she was counting on me and that mattered a lot to me. My hours have dramatically reduced, management has settled and I'm in my last two weeks there, but I've come out of the experience with worsened anxiety, and stress levels that have not calmed down. I'm constantly high-strung, and little things throw me off. A friend suggested Kratom. Even if it doesn't help with my ADHD, I'm hoping it will help with my stress. However, if it's gonna have some crazy reaction to my ADHD, or my ADHD meds (I take generic concerta, if that matters), I don't wanna risk it?

Any info, especially with someone who has ADHD, would be cool!!!

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It definitely does help me during the day but I don't rely on it. I have been taking large doses of adhd meds since I was in kindergarten so I'm pretty used to the meds by now. It will help tho. But dont expect to replace your meds.