I just finished the taper i’ve been putting off for the past year or so, i got my dose down to 2.5g 4 times daily and just kept telling myself “i’ll drop the dose next week” and next week never came, friday i finally decided was the day, i took 2 grams in the morning to stave off the withdrawal and that was that, then Thursday i took none and dealt with withdrawals, then by Friday i had no withdrawals but i had a killer headache (not withdrawal related) so i took 2 grams and my head felt better and i went to sleep, woke up with the flu. It’s monday now, and i’m put of the woods in terms of kratom withdrawals, but this flu is kicking my ass and i have to go to work later, i know that kratom will make that a lot easier, if i just dose once before work today will i have to go through all the withdrawals again? 3 days of tossing and turning doesn’t sound worth one day of comfort at work, but i don’t really understand the biology involved in getting things out of your system or withdrawals or anything of that nature. I don’t have an addictive personality and generally have a very high level of self control, but that restless leg syndrome and tossing and turning all night was enough to make me just keep putting it off.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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