Years ago I tried kratom. I used it to get off Suboxone for awhile and then used it in between heroine binges. By the grace of God I was able to turn my life around after hitting my rock bottom I shared with cocaine heroine and old syringes. I have now been clean for two years. Anyways, when I first tried it, Before I knew about capsules. First as a tea. I tried mixing it with apple sauce... but nothing could mask the taste enough for me to get enough in me to get the effects. I figured I could parachute. And I did. And it worked great. I would even get a rush sometimes from it and get all warm and rosy. Then I found capsules. Much more convenient. However I noticed capsules had a much more mild effect and a much slower onset. I have recently switched back to parachuting and find that I don’t have to dose as often and as I said this method has been much more effective then any method I’ve tried. Which trust me... I’ve tried every method known at this point. Just some thoughts. Have you any of you guys found the same thing?

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