So I went to the emergency care today. Been using kratom for about 5 months now. A couple months ago had a UTI-like (Urinary tract infection) symptoms. Drank a lot of water and it went away fast, in like 48 hours. This time it's different. Night sweats, cold chills all the time, even if it's not cold, burning sensation when urinating, lower back discomfort. Today (after 72 hours of going through some hell) went to the emergency, gave them my urine sample, it came back negative, no infection. Which got me even more concerned / worried. Can one damage the kidneys by using kratom? I've got nothing else to blame it on. I had never had any urinary issues prior to taking kratom. I've been using it only as tea (mixing the powder with hot water). I'd say I use about 20-40 grams per day. It's probably pretty high, right? I always try to dink plenty of water. Even as I am writing this I am having a discomfort in my lower back. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get my blood work done until next Friday (in 10 days). As of the past 3 days, I've not been using kratom, just to make sure I am not doing any further damage (if such thing exists). Any similar experiences? But most importantly, can kratom be the cause of kidney damage? That's what freaks me out.

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