So I am very new to this. I just started experimenting with this this past weekend. The first time I thought I would be smart and just throw the powder to the back of my mouth and swallow it. That ended with me throwing up in the parking lot, in my car, and partially in my boobs. Not pleasant. Of course since that, it’s been horrifying to try and get down. I’ve tried mixing it with flavored water, hot water, a couple other ways.

I finally found a way that is tolerable for me and did not leave me nauseous afterwards. I bought some straight lemon juice, poured in enough to basically make a shot, mixed my powder and then slammed it back with my nose pinched. Then I had something really sweet to drink right afterwards to continue getting the residual stuff out of my mouth. It wasn’t the greatest, but the lemon I think was just better enough to cut out the taste. I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I figured I’d at least share what I discovered today.


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