I could potential be able to participate in a month long clinical trial to earn 5k, the only issue is I am getting over a loperamide addiction by switching to kratom and don't think going through withdrawals during a clinical trial would be the best idea.

Would kratom use be detected during a clinical trial?

I have to look into the trial further. If it involves anything that could potential react with kratom or if the kratom use has the potential to cause issues with the trial (which I am 99% sure would be an issue) I absolutely will not participate. I am not selfish enough to jeopardise medical advancements or ruin any chances of improving others qualitity of life.

I am however still curious if it would be detected? The same with the likes of smoking, say you were a smoker and applied for a trial for non smokers and quit two weeks beforehand would they be able to detect that? I don't smoke myself, just curiousity on that one.

Thank you very much for reading my post and would appreciate any answers you might have to offer!

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