I am a former opiate addict and raging alcoholic. I'm 18 months sober from booze and kicked my last round of 100mg of Oxy a day back in October. The anxiety and insomnia that came after alcohol detox has been unrelenting. I've been reading about kratom for about a year but live in a banned state. A loophole in the law used to ban it has now allowed it to be sold and shipped here.

I have an insane tolerance to any substance I put in body. I don't know if it's genetic or if I have a liver. I read somewhere that having natural red hair and being of Irish decent may be to blame for this, but I've never confirmed.

I don't know why I thought kratom would be different but I started with a 6g dose via toss and wash. The mood elevation and energy boost was noticeable, but no where the level described by most users. After a few days it was less noticeable at same dose so I stopped for a few days.

Today I tried again and 10g toss and wash had a much more profound effect and I would like to take another dose just before bed to help with sleep and the tossing and turning that comes with it.

So for those of you who redose with success, at what time interval is it most effective for you? And do you redose the same, more or less than your initial dose? Are the effects the same as the initial dose or more or less so? Any other tips or experience are welcome. Thank you.

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