About a year ago, I took 3g of white vein kratom every morning for a month and got all of the effects I was looking for without any noticeable tolerance buildup.

I began using kratom again about a week and a half ago. I began taking 2 to 3g (of the same batch I had from a year ago) every morning. Wednesday through Monday I did this.

Then, a green vein strain from a different brand came in the mail and I began using that from then on, with the same great results, Tuesday through Sunday. I re-dosed 6 or so hours later on a couple of those days just to experiment (same-day re-dosing does not seem to do anything for me).

Anyway, Monday morning, I took my regular dose at my normal time, and normally once I pull up to work, I am feeling it 100%. However, Monday, I felt next to nothing. Today is Tuesday. I took the same normal dose again this morning, BUT, I used the white vein this time, thinking maybe the green vein stuff was cheap and no longer worked on me. Sure enough, this did next to nothing as well!

I read a lot about people experiencing tolerance issue, however, these are people who have been using for a year or more. I know that kratom has different effects from person to person, but did I really just build such a large tolerance in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS that kratom no longer works on me? The energetic, in-the-zone feeling is no longer there. If I up my dosage, I feel it, but in a different way, and I get a tiny bit nauseous.

Anyone able to explain this or have any suggestions? It's not a huge deal, but is a bit disappointing.

*edit: I removed the brand names from this post.

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