Long story short. Had a traumatic nerve injury 3 years ago that led to chronic nerve pain and an eventual opiate addiction. Had a 70 mg a day Oxy habit and then Tramadol. I’m one of the rare people who’s liver does the magic stuff with trams and I loved the high.

Anyway, struggled on and off to get clean. My pain is somewhat managed now with Gabapentin, Cymbalta and CBD.

But I desperately miss getting high occassionally. I have a high pressure job, two young kids, I can’t run or bike anymore and it was a great stress reliever on occasion. I can’t smoke weed bc of my job.

I know kratom will never replicate street drugs, even trams but I think I am doing it wrong because I’m feeling like no euphoria of any kind. Dosing about 3 grams. Mostly reds. Just bought a sampler of 5 kinds from a very reputable local shop-red horned maeng da, green Malay, green maeng da, green Sumatra and white Borneo. 10 grams of each. I’m trying these individually and then giving up.

Any advice? Dosage? I know the strain names don’t mean shit and the colors are more about the drying process. Also taking on an empty stomach. My expectations just too high?

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