I’m new to Kratom, well I’ve been using it daily for about a month now. I accidentally found Kratom while looking for opioids. Please don’t judge. I was in a very dark place fighting post partum depression and anxiety and taking post-op Percocet until I ran out of my prescription. Any-who, much better now that I found Kratom. It has helped tremendously! My kids are doing great because they now have a “normal” mommy. Now I’m Like, "opioids...what...what are opioids" Don’t want them anymore.

So, I take Kratom during the day (1.5g) for a boost in energy/fight depression then later at night (3g) for relaxation/anxiety. So far the White Maeng Da is my fav. Does anyone else dose low during the day then higher before hitting the sack? Any thoughts?

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