Just went into my local go to shop for Kratom, and witnessed a 90 year old man purchasing it for the first time. He was given a few sample packs of caps, and bought a small pack of powder, just to see what works best for him. He had a note pad and was taking notes and everything. He (like me) had previously had a spinal fusion, and had heard about Kratom, but had also heard the propaganda. The lady that works there invited me into the conversation since I'm in there all the time for mine. I gave my experience, and we both reassured him that the propaganda was just fear mongering. He started getting super excited the more we talked with him. Advised to start on a low dose, and increase as necessary once you know how the low dose affects you. I even suggested this sub for any additional questions he had. It was awesome to to witness someone new being introduced to it and with an open enough mind to reserve judgement.

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