After years of daily use, I am highly accustomed to both the positive and negative effects of Kratom (both immediate and long term). Within the past month, and very suddenly, it has stopped doing ANYTHING. And by anything, I mean even the unpleasant aspects have gone away (tinnitus, acne, depression, etc.)

Now, if this was just the beneficial effects waning I’d know it’a just a tolerance issue. But the fact that all effects stopped almost immediately and have not returned for weeks makes me suspicious about what exactly I am consuming. I’ve taken days off, switched brands, switched stores, switched strains, raised and lowered dosage...

I’m wondering if the headshops in my area have begun selling either bunk or completely fake Kratom. It seems far fetched but the complete lack of effect has me wondering. I’ve run into tolerance plateaus before, but it never felt like this.

My question is this: is there a way I can test Kratom to determine the alkaloid content, and determine if it is in fact Kratom at all?

I mean, it’s almost like I’m taking empty caps. Even when my tolerance has peaked in the past, I still felt something. Like I could always tell that it was in my system, if for no other reason than feeling numb and like shit. Now it’s all just gone. Any advice? What should I do?

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