So ive just returned from a 2 week vacation in thailand, and wanted to share my experience as it relates to kratom. As we all know, kratom is (ironically) a big-time no-go over there. So i had to find a way to get by without it. Up until the day i left for the trip, i was at a cool 20+ gpd habit for about 3.5 years (with a few good tapers at different points). I had planned on tapering again before the trip and taking none for the final few days before departure, but as the day grew nearer and i hadnt quite cut down to where i needed to be, i decided id rather have the WD kick in once I landed rather than on the 20 hour flight. A few things i learned on this trip (note: i offer these as an account of MY experience, and something for others to think about. But others may have a very different experience):

  • the WD set in in full force after close to 24 hours, but not really before (other than the usual "i want another dose" feeling that a 20 gpd person is familiar with).

  • the worst of it lasted about 3 days from that point. That meant watery eyes and nose, constant yawning, fatigue, RLS, and moodiness.

  • withdrawing CT on vacation had its pros and cons. Pros were that there was nothing work related or social obligations where I really had to be on my toes, and sitting by a pool with a beer or paddle boarding between islands really dwarfed the negatives i was feeling. Cons were that i was with my girlfriend whom i have unfortunately kept kratom a secret from (not proud of this), and my WD caused me to be a bit irritable at times. But again, only for the first few days.

  • if you do choose to do a forced break/withdrawal on vacation, a place like Thailand is hard to beat for this purpose. The illegality provides a non-negotiable way to tell yourself NO, and the beautiful nature and awesome and cheap food over there provide a way to make sure you treat yourself to wholesome activities and nourishment rather than climbing down a hole while trying to recover. Basically, it's like a luxury rehab program for a fraction of the cost.

  • although the first few days were honestly pretty rough and difficult, the reality of not being able to take kratom started to become normal after a few days and ultimately i learned that i absolutely have the power not to use it every day. Now that im back home, the feeling of "what if there is a day where i cant take it" is far less fear-inducing.

  • interestingly, i am almost positive i saw it growing in several places while out in the rural countryside. These were among the worst craving moments.

Obviously this wouldn't work for everyone - especially those who rely on kratom for pain management. And not eveyone can (or wants to) take a vacation to withdraw CT. But if youre dependent on kratom because of excessive recreational use, and have the vacation time and can afford a trip to a place like thailand (much cheaper than a lot of international trips!), this WD method could have its merits.

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